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Friday Fives // Impact Freshmen

Jason Towlen/

5. Jawuan Harris

If the hype is well-earned, than the coaches will have a very hard time keeping the versatile athlete off the field. He had barely strapped on his chinstrap before Leonte Carroo was making decisions for the coaching staff regarding Harris' playing time:

He looks really, really good. I'm saying it now, he's going to play for us this year. He's very shifty and very fast. He's a kid that can play right away.

Carroo has yet to fail us, so hopefully Harris makes plenty of plays for the Scarlet Knights in 2015.

4. Nakia Griffin-Stewart

Griffin-Stewart will most likely see the field out of pure necessity this year. There are no proven tight ends on the roster and there is a chance that the true freshman can establish himself as a dangerous pass-catcher right away. He has built his frame up to B1G quality and is an elite athlete. I would not be surprised to see him in the team's starting lineup by the end of the season.

3. Isaiah Wharton

Wharton is a redshirt freshman who could wind up starting right away. His 6-1 210 frame is perfect for an outside starter and down the road he could be pretty special. He will most likely experience growing pains, as all freshman do, but once he gets past all of that, he should be one of the better freshman CBs in the conference.

2. Kiy Hester

Hester is easily the most naturally talented of all the freshman on the team and seems to have moved ahead in the battle to be the starting SS. He did it all at DePaul Catholic but will only have defensive responsibilities for the Scarlet Knights. He doesn't have a glaring weakness in his game and could anchor one of the stronger secondaries in the B1G future.

1. Blessuan Austin

If Hester is the most talented freshman, Austin is not too far behind. In addition, no freshman will be given the responsibilities of Austin. Nadir Barnwell is most likely going to sit out 2015 due to academic reasons, which leaves Austin as the top CB on the roster. He is lucky that the best WR in the B1G is on his team, but will still have to lock down players such as Mike Thomas (tOSU), DaeSean Hamilton (ttfp), and Jordan Westerkamp (Nebraska). However, he will be a huge part of a Rutgers secondary that can be very good in the near future.