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Kyle Flood at Big Ten Media Days

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Rutgers head coach Kyle Flood took the podium on Friday morning at the Big Ten Media Days, touching on everything from recruiting to the offense under new offensive coordinator Ben McDaniels.

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Kyle Flood took the podium on Friday morning in Chicago at the 2015 Big Ten Media Days. Answering questions from both the local and national media, Flood discussed topics such as recruiting, playing in the Big Ten, new offensive coordinator Ben McDaniels and much more.

Read the full transcript of Flood's presser here.

In Chicago, Flood was joined by Leonte Carroo, Darius Hamilton and Keith Lumpkin. Not only are they three of Rutgers' brightest stars, but they also all hail from New Jersey private schools. Flood praised all three of his senior leaders and called Carroo "one of the premier playmakers in the country."

On numerous occasions, Flood also touched on what it's like playing in the Big Ten and what the move has been like for Rutgers.

"The margin for error is so slim," Flood said about playing in the Big Ten. "You have to be ready to play every week."

One reporter asked Flood about the growing rivalry between Rutgers and ttfp. The Knights open their conference slate with the Nittany Lions in State College in week three.

Flood commented on rivalries, stating that three things make a rivalry (geography, recruiting & competitive games). With last year's game and the close proximity of the school, Rutgers and ttfp are certainly on a path to rivalry status.

"But, those things have to happen organically," said Flood. "I don't think you can create them."

Flood also discussed both the offense and defense heading into the season, focusing primarily on the coordinators of each group. Flood stated possible changes in the Rutgers offense with a "different person calling the game and different playmakers."

On the defensive side of the ball, Flood talked about the importance of coordinator Joe Rossi returning.

The press conference ended with no comments or questions about the quarterback situation.

The Big Ten Network will post the full video of Flood's press conference for those who may have missed it.