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Friday Fives: Biggest Games in Rutgers History

To help with your withdrawal of football, we're introducing a new series that ranks various aspects of Rutgers Football leading up to the season opener against Norfolk State. Previously, we have looked at some of the best and worst uniforms as well as the best players. Today we will looking at the biggest games in Rutgers history.

5. Rutgers vs ttfp, 2014

Everything was there for the taking, but the Rutgers offense couldn't muster out just one more first down. The Rutgers defense was elite for the entirety of this game until they went out for the final drive of the game and everything after that I have wiped from my memory. Without a doubt, this was the most electric atmosphere since Louisville in 2006 and broke the attendance record. The photo taken as the team ran out of the tunnel is now the most used Rutgers photograph that I have seen in the past year. It was our first game as members of the B1G and although it was a loss, the Scarlet Knights proved that they belonged. It was an incredible night that may not of had a fairytale ending but it was still a night to remember all the way up until the 1:13 mark in the 4th quarter.

4. Rutgers vs Tennessee, 1979

I imagine if Twitter was around back then, it would the pinnacle of recklessness from Rutgers fans, and I might just be in on it.  The Knoxville Journal published an article begging the question, "What's a Rutgers?" The author, Ben Byrd, also added that: "One housewife told me she bought a pound of them at the supermarket last week for 59 cents, but they must have been on sale because she normally pays 89 cents a pound." Tennessee later had that question answered when the legendary Frank Burns went into a stadium of 80,000+ fans and pulled out a 13-7 comeback victory. A "Rutgers" is a team that falls no victim to hubris and can certainly play with the big boys. I really wish I was alive for this one.

3. Rutgers vs West Virginia, 2006

I cried. Anyone who watched this game and claims to be a Rutgers fan is still probably feeling pissed off and sad from the horrific events that transpired that night in Morgantown. All it took was a win and Rutgers was in the BCS for once. The only issue was that it had to come against a team that Schiano just could not beat. I might get bashed in the comments for not including other games from the 60s-80s but that is simply because I wasn't alive and will never have as much emotion over a football game as I did when James Townsend dropped the game winning touchdown. I will never be able to root for West Virginia in anything ever again all because of this game.

2. Rutgers vs Louisville, 2006

I am still heartbroken that I did not get to go to this game and even though I was on the couch, it was one of my best memories involving Rutgers. This game was the first time Rutgers got the national spotlight to themselves. It was a Thursday night game and all the attention in the college football world was on the Scarlet Knight and the Cardinals. This big storyline was if the stout Rutgers defense could limit the elite Louisville offense and stud QB Brian Brohm. At halftime, I was ready to turn the TV off. However, a huge interception by Devraun Thompson and the legs of Ray Rice and Brian Leonard carried the Rutgers team to be in a position to shock the world. The rest is history.

1. Rutgers vs Princeton, 1869

I shuffled these rankings around in my head many times but ultimately this is the game that belongs here. Of course you can wonder where college football would be today if it wasn't for this game or if it would even exist. It is actually scary to imagine a world without what I think is the best sport out there. This game is one of the most important events in football history, college of professional, and is truly deserving of the top spot. This game is also incredibly important because if Rutgers didn't pull out the win, they would never be the 1869 National Champions.

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