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Friday Fives: Worst Rutgers Football uniforms

To help with your withdrawal of football, we're introducing a new series that ranks various aspects of Rutgers Football leading up to the season opener against Norfolk State. Last week we looked at some of the best Rutgers uniforms which means now we get to take a look at some of the worst.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

5. "Black White Black" vs Louisville 2011

It pains me to say this, but the equipment staff was simply trying too hard with these unis worn against Louisville back in 2011. It was clear that they were hyped about the blackout uniforms and wanted to try to use some of that uniform again. I kind of liked the helmet but there just wasn't any scarlet in those uniforms. Rutgers Scarlet Knights, not the Rutgers Ebony and Ivory Knights. It is one thing to just go mono black or mono white (storm trooper as I like to call it) but using just black and white is kind of just not good. Black pants on the roady just aren't my thing and shouldn't happen unless you are a team with black as a school color.

4. Mono-red sh*t show 2001-2011

What an awful combo. Red on red on red is just too much for the eyes to see. Although it was finally something different from the classic scarlet and white, it was awfully executed. Possibly the worst example was the "blackout" game in 2010 when the students were told to wear black and the team decided that they would go with mono-red.

3. "Blackout" 2007 vs West Virginia

Decent idea with poor execution. I actually kinda liked the idea itself but it was worn in a day game. I wish that we had the opportunity to see this uniforms worn at night and possibly with a black helmet but I have to grade them on when they were worn. They did not mix well with the day game against West Virginia or the fact that they got clobbered.  The white names on the back do not make sense and take away from the theme. I will cut them a tiny bit of slack because it was their first shot at going all-black. However, the only time for black is at night and in all black. There is no need for red helmets, white text, or day games; all three of which Rutgers implemented that day.

2.  "WTF" 2007 vs Syracuse

Yet another example of trying too hard was demonstrated in these terrible uniforms. The concept itself was not that awful, but watching that game on TV was near impossible. Those uniforms were simply unbearable. I can't even analyze them in great detail because they were just simply bad. No other way to put it. Never again.

1. Blood Clot Red 2012-present

If Keith Lumpkin didn't have a foot and about 150 pounds on Desmond Peoples, I wouldn't be able to tell them apart. It doesn't matter if you are watching from home, the upper deck, or right behind the Rutgers bench, these number are impossible to read! It infuriates me that they still wear these. I hate the blood-clot all red look enough but this takes it to a another level. For one, THEY AREN"T EVEN SCARLET UNIFORMS. I don't know the specific color, but they are not scarlet. They are a dark, disgusting red that should not be associated with Rutgers or the color scarlet ever. Switch back to the 2006 home uniforms and then I might be happy. The only positive is that they added scarlet helmet stripes although the face masks are still a hideous gray. Overall: AWFUL.

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