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Friday Fives: Best Rutgers Football Uniforms

To help with your withdrawal of football, we're introducing a new series that ranks various aspects of Rutgers Football leading up to the season opener against Norfolk State.

John Munson | NJ Advance Media for

Love 'em or hate 'em, new and improved uniforms are becoming an essential aspect of college football teams as they are crucial in recruiting and national exposure as well as garnering fan attention. Rutgers made the huge leap for the 2012 season, ditching the classic block scarlet and white for the futuristic and "knighty" metallic silver, scarlet, and black. With that being said, let's take a look at some of the best Rutgers uniforms dating back to 2001.

5. Away Uniforms; includes various helmets (2012-present)

This is a very clean look and the scarlet accents on the chrome helmets pull together this look. The other helmets that are combined with this uniform are the real reason they make this list. Check out the three different combinations that they have used.

My favorite ones are the white and scarlet helmets worn against SMU in 2013. They perfectly compliment the piping and other scarlet over white designs on the jersey and pants. Overall, the all-white is a solid look that should remain a staple in the equipment staff's uni repertoire.

t3. Classic Home/Away Scarlet and White (2001-2006)

Since these uniforms are essentially inverses of each other, I will combine them on this list. You can't go wrong with simple, clean designs and colors and that is exactly what they donned for those 6 years. The block font goes perfectly with the then-new block R logo and created a very aesthetically pleasing look for the Scarlet Knights.

2. "Blackout" Uniforms (2012-Present)

I initially had these at number one, but they have been worn too many times. In my opinion, all-black uniforms should only be worn at night and during a designated blackout game when all the fans are told to wear black. That is when it gets intimidating and quite frankly awesome. These should not have been worn against UCONN in 2012. They worked against Arkansas in 2013, but only late in the game when the sun went down. They had no business being worn against INDIANA for crying out loud. However, against Michigan, they were spot on. Although these unis have been wrongfully worn 50% of the time, they nailed it for the Michigan game. The fans added another element with their blackout atmosphere and it was a night to remember in the sold out Rutgers Stadium (I refuse to call is HPSS).

1. Away Uniform vs Army (2011)

Rutgers has had numerous attempts with patriotic uniforms, but it is unlikely that any surpass these gems worn against Army in 2011. The all white uniforms paired with the white helmets creates an incredibly clean look. The best part of these uniforms is that they do not look forces. Many times teams try to force stars and stripes on uniforms that just don't match up well with red, white, and blue. However, the base white jerseys and red names/numbers create a look that makes the stars and stripes seem natural.