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Football Recruiting: Update on Malcolm Pridgeon

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Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Don't get too excited, Rutgers fans. It appears that 4-star JUCO lineman Malcolm Pridgeon isn't quite committed to Rutgers. In another development, don't get out the pitchforks and torches, either. Although at one point on Friday Nassau CC (NY) OT Malcolm Pridgeon gave Kyle Flood a verbal, he is no longer committed to Rutgers. He confirmed his recruitment status with Richie Schnyderite of 247sports:

"I'm not committed to Rutgers," Pridgeon told 247Sports. "It was a little misunderstanding. I'm uncommitted right now.

"I verbally committed on Friday, but that's not locking a deal. After the visit I talked to my family and they think I should finish up with school and take all of my official visits before making my decision in the Fall. I told Coach Kyle Flood that and told him I was going to wait, so I'm not committed to Rutgers right now."

Kyle Flood was not lying when he tweeted this on Friday:

It seems that the young man still needs some time to sort out his recruitment and maybe jumped the guns. Let's take it easy on him and Coach Flood because Rutgers is still the favorite for him and he is just trying to sort things out.