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Schadenfreude! Oh, the humanity....and joy

Everyone's favorite sports past time has a few things to share with our faithful readers.

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ttfp - because....well, just because

First up, Coach Hype is out hunting mountain lions.

Hey, even one of their own had concerns and when I saw that tweet and had to respond.

Well, just as we might come to the defense of Kyle or the Scarlet Knight, a ttfp fan rose to the occasion.  And so did I.

ttfp - because....well, just because - redux

Our friends at Off Tackle Empire had a whole article on our friends out west.  But it all boils down to this list. 'Nuff said.

Syracuse - Why not just bring back the Saltine Warrior?

You know we love to watch these folks twist in the wind.

What's the most famous number in Syracuse history?  Worn by the legendary Ernie Davis, Jim Brown, and Floyd Little, number 44 was given out to "special" players, those who could live up to that history and status.  Then in 2005, the school decided to retire the number.  A gesture commensurate with something the Yankees would do, like with Bernie Williams....snicker....chuckle....snort.

Anyway, now ten years later, the Orange have decided - and rather unceremoniously - to "unretire" the number. And Jim Brown ain't that happy.

Yeah, they really thought that one through.

Come on, tell me the're feeling pretty good now, aren't you?