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Halfway Home

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Rutgers now has 11 recruits committed to its 2016 class. How does the other half of the class finish?

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

With Justin Morgan's commitment last night, Rutgers now has 11 prospects committed to the 2016 class. That's about the halfway point of this class. The breakdown is as follows:


QB 1 1
RB 1 1
WR 3 4
TE 0 1
OL 2 4


0 3
LB 3 4
DL 1 4
TOTALS 11 22

That leaves 1 WR, 1 TE, 2 OL, 3 DB, 1 LB, 3 DL, and maybe a few specialists.

Wide Receiver (1, maybe 2 depending on who it is)

Best Case: Kelvin Harmon, Steven Smothers (Mitchell and Hawkins appear headed elsewhere)

More Likely: KJ Gray (on campus today), Hasise Dubois, Devonte Young, Gene Coleman, Donald Stewart (just got a game-changing Stanford offer)

Tight End (1, possibly 0)

Best Case: Naseir Upshur (unlikely), Jovani Haskins (more likely than Upshur but still low odds)

More Likely: Jamal Holloway (Camden DE could play TE too), Ray Marten (BC commit, but teammates with recent commits Reynolds and Morgan at Poly Prep), someone without a current offer. I could see RU skipping TE this year - good hauls recently.

O-Line (2)

Best Case: Malcolm Pridgeon, Lucas Niang, Johncarlo Valentin

More Likely: Elijah Johnson (June 25 announcement, RU leads), Jordan Johnson (Kaleb's brother),Thomas Lopez (no offer yet), Ulises de los Santos (wants to play D, RU is recruiting him on O)

Defensive Back (3 or 4)

Best Case: Jordan Fuller, Patrice Rene, Eric Burrell

More Likely: Phil Campbell, KJ Sails, Terrell Vassell, Patrick Johnson, Henry Miller

Linebacker (1, maybe 0)

Unique situation. Rutgers will still take a commitment from Rashawn Battle, who is on campus today and could well commit at camp. Unless a 4* type comes our way (like Koby Quansah), don't think Rutgers accepts a fourth LB commit from someone other than Battle. If Battle doesn't commit, I could see Camden's DyMelle Parker having a shot if the staff thought it would help land some of his teammates.

D-Line (3, or 4 if Gary decides on NLI day)

Best Case: Rashan Gary, Karamo Dioubate, Ron Johnson

More Likely: Tymir Oliver (very likely), Ulises de los Santos, Adetokunbo Ogundeji

*     *     *

Which position group are you happiest with so far? Which will end up strongest on signing day?