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Rutgers and the R Shore Tour

Summer's almost here. That means we head to the Shore. And so will Rutgers Athletics!

Rutgers Athletics

So, the second annual R B1G Tour is over.  Three meet & greet events around the state highlighting coaches and the Rutgers program.

The three events were in East Hanover, Cherry Hill, and Edison. And apparently a good time was had by all.

But the people wanted more!

And so Rutgers is giving them what they wanted.  Rutgers is inaugurating the R Shore Tour this July.

Where are the people in the summer in New Jersey?  At the shore - not the beach, not the mountains, not no where but at...the...shore.  From Cape May to Sea Bright, the Scarlet Knight and his entourage - the mascot has an entourage, is that great or what? - will be walking the boardwalks on Thursdays, meeting and greeting and attending special events.

Event recommendation

I am very excited about - and I highly recommend - the "event" at the Silverball Museum in Asbury Park on July 30.  If you've never been to the Silverball, and you're a fan of pinball machines (or even if you're not), it is a very cool place.  One admission price and you play all the games you can get to.  Very cool.

Food recommendation

It does not matter where you are.  You need to eat a sausage and peppers sandwich, and you need to eat zeppoles.  Lots of powdered sugar. There is no discussion!

And we're going to the Shore, why?

Marketing is everything.  For too long, Rutgers seemed to sit back and say, "Well, here we are.  Come on over if you want."  It don't work that way, friends.  The folks out west understand that.   ttfp was in New York recently as they did their own coaches' caravan.  Coach Hype was there, spoke to alums and talked football. Marketing!

The R Shore Tour begins July 2nd in the deep south and features a night event in Wildwood.