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Former Scarlet Knight George Johnson is an esteemed dog show competitor

From strapping on the shoulder pads to strapping on the dog leash, former Rutgers DE George Johnson has an interesting remedy to relieve the stress of being an NFL player.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

George Johnson was one of the bigger surprises among the former Scarlet Knights in the NFL, totaling 6 sacks for a tenacious Lions defense. However, something that may be of more shock is what Johnson chooses to do with his free time. As first made public in a Q&A with, Johnson has a passion for watching and competing in dog shows. This topic has gained some steam recently due to an article by Yahoo! Sports.

Johnson has two dogs, Mumbo and Pepper, who are both American Bullies, similar to pitbulls. When he attended Rutgers, Johnson started to become interested in the hobby but did not have enough money to fully engage. However, his NFL contract allowed him to fully engage in this activity. He notes that it is a great stress reliever and it's worth noting he has had some sort of a resurgence in the NFL. Another interesting fact from the article: Johnson said he gets more nervous before dog shows than he does before NFL Games.

George Johnson is now back in Tampa Bay for his second stint with the Buccaneers. He began his career there in 2010 as an undrafted free agent and wound up with the Vikings for a short amount of times before landing in Detroit. 2014 was his breakout year, as he recorded 6 sacks and earned himself a 3-year, $9 million contract with the Lions before being traded to Tampa.  Look for Johnson to continue the tradition of Rutgers players making a name for themselves for the Bucs.

Maybe we'll even see Johnson at the prestigious Westminster Dog Show in the future, who knows?