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Meet The New Guys

On the Banks recently added three new contributors and to introduce them, we ran a "Meet The New Guys" series this past week.

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

To introduce the new On the Banks contributors to our readers, we ran a three-part "Meet The New Guys" series.  Aaron Breitman (basketball), Griffin Whitmer (football recruiting & Knights in the NFL) and Tim Wentz (site manager) have all been added to the On the Banks staff and are excited to continue to improve the content of the site.

Below is a brief intro for each new contributor, as well as a link to their complete introductions.

Tim Wentz | Site Manager

Tim is the new site manager for On the Banks, stepping in for Kevin Recio.  Tim is from West Deptford, New Jersey and has worked in college athletics for the past two years.  IntroductionLink

Aaron Breitman | Basketball Reporter

Aaron replaces Dave White has our hoops reporter, after Dave stepped down to pursue other interests.  Aaron is a Class of 2000 graduate of Rutgers.  IntroductionLink

Griffin Whitmer | Football Recruiting & Knights in the NFL

Griffin is a new contributor for the blog who will be covering football recruiting and Knights in the NFL and Overseas.  Griffin is a lifelong Rutgers fan and is a football season ticket holder.  IntroductionLink