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Rutgers Basketball: Head coach Eddie Jordan gets his degree

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday head coach Eddie Jordan received his degree in Labor and Employment Relations at a most appropriate venue, the RAC.  Today he will walk at the university commencement at High Point Solutions Stadium.  It has been a long and well publicized journey for coach Jordan since he came back to Rutgers over 2 years ago.  Through it all, he was fully committed and didn't just coast through his requirements. Not only did he complete his degree, it was reported he received straight A's in every class taken upon his return.

His positive influence on the team during this journey was clear.  This is a great profile from Jerry Carino last month detailing how Coach Jordan walked the line and achieved his goal. From Carino's article: "He earned a lot of respect from all of us," said senior guard Stephen Zurich, who is graduating next month with a degree in economics. "We'd be on road trips and we'd have study hall and he would be there too, on his laptop. If we had it at 6 he would already be there when we walked in. That's walking the walk."  In fact, all four seniors from the program graduated this weekend as well.

In 2013 when it came out that he was 11 credits short of graduating, Eddie Jordan took responsibility and owned up to it.  He didn't shy away or act above it, rather he went to work. Keith Sargeant profiles his talk with coach Jordan from Friday here.  Jordan has proven through his actions that he is a role model for his players and the right man to lead this program.  It's been 24 years for Rutgers fans since the last NCAA Tournament appearance.  Who better than Jordan to lead us back, as he knows the true meaning of walking the long road and finishing what he started.  Congratulations coach!

Video of #RHoops Head Coach Eddie Jordan on stage this afternoon at his graduation ceremony at the RAC.

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