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Second place again.

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Dwayne Haskins announced his commitment to the Maryland Terrapins this afternoon.  All the visits, all the interviews, and all the hoping are over for Rutgers on this one.

I have been, and remain, a believer in Kyle Flood.  I think he is an honorable man, and an intelligent one, who will eventually figure out what it takes to recruit and win at the next level.  I also think he has done an excellent job identifying and developing overlooked talent, and balancing the roster through transfers, JUCOs, and other alternative means.  But he has not shown the consistent ability to recruit blue chip prospects from high school.  This will be his fourth recruiting class. He has (so far) recruited only two 4* athletes, who went on to sign on NLI day: Nadir Barnwell and Marques Ford. We need to do better.

Star rankings aren't everything, but they are also not nothing. We need to start landing some big fish, especially ones with the connections to Rutgers and New Jersey that Haskins has.