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Haskins Watch: From the Terp Perspective

On the Banks spoke with Pete Volk, who covers Maryland recruiting for our sister site Testudo Times. He shared the Terp fan's perspective on the pending announcement of Dwayne Haskins.

Randy Edsall's seat could get warmer if he misses on Dwayne Haskins
Randy Edsall's seat could get warmer if he misses on Dwayne Haskins
Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Both Maryland and Rutgers fans are cautiously optimistic about their chances of landing super-recruit QB Dwayne Haskins.  And both fanbases consider Haskins to be a "local" recruit.  Pete Volk from Testudo Times was kind enough to share some perspective from the Maryland fan point of view, in advance of Friday's announcement.  You can read my answers to Pete's questions here.

1. Are Maryland fans happy with Coach Edsall’s recruiting overall, and specifically in the class of 2016?

There's a solid mix of happiness and discontent. Maryland has gotten off to a good start in the 2016 class, but the whole thing appears to ride on Haskins. Previously under Edsall, the Terps have managed to get one or two blue-chip prospects per class. If Maryland grabs Haskins, that number could balloon. If that doesn't happen, I imagine Edsall is in trouble.

2. How big is the meltdown going to be if Dwayne Haskins picks a school other than Maryland?  Is it somewhat diminished if he goes to Florida or Notre Dame, who aren’t on the Terps upcoming schedules, as opposed to Rutgers or the Nitty Kitties, who the Terps play every year?

It will be massive, and especially so if the destination is Rutgers or Penn State. Maryland fans in general aren't terribly pleased with the state of the football program as it stands, and Haskins is viewed as a last lifeline towards sustainable success.

3. What’s the idea behind the Movement, and how important is Haskins’ role in that idea?  Who would you expect to follow Haskins to Maryland if he chooses the Terps?

Maryland is trying to push a local stay-at-home movement, started a few years back by Stefon Diggs and continued by other local stars like Jesse Aniebonam, Adam McLean and Damian Prince, among others. As far as I can tell, Haskins is the movement in 2016 -- if he goes, many others will follow. As far as specific names go, he's close with four-star offensive guard Terrance Davis, four-star wide receiver Tino Ellis, four-star tight end Naseir Upshur and four-star cornerback Trevon Diggs, among other local and regional prospects.

4. Is Maryland targeting any other quarterbacks in 2016, or have they gone all-in on Haskins?

All-in. There are some backup options in place, but Maryland has not extended any other quarterback offers.

5. What time are you starting happy hour on Friday, and what are you drinking in celebration/anguish?

The Marylander in me wants to say Old Bay, but I'll likely have a Dale's Pale Ale once this whole thing is over no matter the result, as that's what's currently in my fridge.

6. Finally, what's your prediction?

I'm feeling quite confident he'll end up at Maryland.

*     *     *

Thanks to Pete for sharing the Terp fan perspective. If you have any further questions for Pete, you can find him on Twitter @Pete_Volk.