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Rutgers Basketball Recruiting: The 2016 Targets

With the 2015 signing period winding down, and facilities not yet built, Eddie Jordan has turned his gaze toward the 2016 recruiting class.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

While Jordan, Shoes and company saw Vladimir Brodziansky commit to TCU, the coaching staff has to start searching for players to fill the projected two (2) opening spots on the roster after next season.  And, while ground hasn't been broken on the practice facility yet, Rutgers champion Senator Ray Lesniak has taken another step forward in getting the facilities started.

But until then, Rutgers will have to make due with the way they're currently recruiting.  So here are the 2016 targets:

Ray Salnave, G

Salnave is a 6'2" shooting/combo guard out of Queens.  He is also being chased by Seton Hall and Rhode Island.  Salnave can easily fill a role Rutgers desperately needs, as he's a dead eye three point shooter.  He also lead his high school to an NYC Championship.   He is a very young junior, meaning he has a ton of time to grow and improve even more.

Kwe Parker, G

Another 6'2" guard, Parker is a flat out athlete.  There are highlight dunk videos of him all over YouTube, and man, can he get to the rim.  And electric player, Parker and Corey Sanders would be a magical backcourt. Out of North Carolina, several high major programs--including Louisville--have checked in on him.  At last check, Rutgers expected to have him on campus this summer for a visit.  He also has the potential to be a fantastic defender and excel in the open court.

Devonte Green, G

Green is another combo guard out of Long Island.  Rutgers is recruiting him very hard, according to Adam Zagoria.  Green is an impact player, a high level guard who can do it all--hit the three, pass, and attack the rim through contact.  Danny Green of the Spurs is Devonte's older brother.  Green is the kind of player, along with Parker and or Salnave that could potentially change the direction of Rutgers basketball.

Taurean Thompson, F

Thompson is a 6'10" power forward out of St. Anthony's.  Thompson has been under-recruited by the college basketball world, it seems, but Jordan has been on him for a while.  A project player, Thompson has the skills to be an impact forward.  ESPN says he can attack the rim in transition and even make the mid-range jumper.  Would be a BIG get (no pun intended)--adding to already big front line.

Matt Bullock, W/G

A burly 6'4" guard out of Roselle Catholic, Jordan offered him back when he was heavily recruiting Isaiah Briscoe.  Bullock is big and can take players off the dribble, or post up smaller guards.  He would add an angle Rutgers doesn't have at this current time.

These players seem to be the key targets for Rutgers, but as they go ahead and continue to recruit for the 2016 class, I'm sure more names will appear.  Keep an eye on On the Banks for more*.

*special thanks to RHoopsRecruits of 247 for the assist.  Give him a Twitter follow!