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Rutgers Recruiting: Ted Field, Wha' happened?

He was the overall wearing, bearded poster boy of the 2016 class. The first to sign on with #CHOPNation. And now....


He was the biggest cheerleader Rutgers had that didn't have an actual pom pom.  He was wearing Rutgers gear to his high school in Pennsy where he was hassled for his early commitment (last July) to TSUNJ.

And now Ted Field has decommitted.

Okay, something happened....something went wrong.  A young man, apparently as passionate and committed as Field was to Rutgers, doesn't out of the blue say I changed my mind.  There has to be more to the story.

And it seems that it might have been a lack of attention to him by the RU staff, at least according to Todd Hunt's story:

Field spent much of his time over the weekend with the aforementioned prospects, but throughout the course of the weekend became dissatisfied with the level of attention he received from the Rutgers staff.

Rutgers hosted a number of prospects throughout the weekend, and were forced to divide their time amongst them, possibly prompting the confusion. Hence, when Ted Field Sr., reached out to Kyle Flood Thursday, the two decided it best to part ways, and it does not appear Rutgers will continue to recruit Field.

To me, there has to be more to the story.....still.

There was the controversy last fall when he apparently was kicked off his high school team....because he missed a film session to go to the RU-Tulane game.

And there was his back-and-forth transferring that didn't enamor TF to his coaches at Garnet Valley HS.

So, we wish Ted well and see what transpires.