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Athletics: it's more than sports

The NCAA Tournament semifinals are tonight. Four great schools are featured. And I'm not even talking about basketball.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

There is always the conversation - sometimes heated "discussion" - about the balance of academics and athletics.  And I believe that there can be.  That there must be.  And some schools are able to not only achieve that, but promote it as well.  A tweet from the other day.

And to Duke's credit, they don't just highlight the Blue Devils, they say there are four great schools.  Pretty classy.

And others joined in the feel good-fest:

And even the AAU - the Association of American Universities (a Big Ten requisite for membership in the conference) - joined in:

And not that it really means anything, but as of this writing, the only tweeting on Kentucky and research was Kentucky retweeting the Duke tweet.  Just an observation.

So when people complain that sports takes away from a university's core mission, you have some academically-oriented friends who might disagree with that premise.  And they play some good basketball, too.