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Rutgers Football Recruiting: They are ALL coming tonight

Kyle Flood is apparently try to fill HPSS for the spring game - with high school football players and coaches.

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Tonight is the culmination of the spring practice session, and Rutgers Friday Knight Lights spring game, under the lights, should be rocking.  There also may be as many as 200 recruits and prospects on campus for the festivities. We are going to need more sideline lanyards.

Todderick Hunt lists many of the highlights here.  Dwayne Haskins. Rashan Gary. Kareem Walker. Ahmir Mitchell. The Camden Crew (Ron Johnson, Brad Hawkins, Dymelle Parker, Jamal Holloway).  KJ Gray. Gene Coleman. Will Fries. Stephen Smothers. Jovani Haskins. Hasise DuBois. Kelvin Harmon.  All four of our current 2016 leaders/commits (Jabbie, Krimin, Pollock and Sneed).

The list of talented prospects goes on and on, and by listing only a few, I no doubt left out dozens of worthy players.

Some powerful NJ programs are bringing most or all of their entire teams to campus, including large contingents from Bergen Catholic and DePaul (Could be interesting if a certain recent Tennessee commit appears - not sure I would want him talking to all of these talented players about the virtues of a creamsicle existence in my stadium).

Kyle Flood and Recruiting Coordinator EJ Barthel have done a great job getting these young men on campus over and over again (many were there last weekend for a cookout in HPSS after the Piscataway Rivals camp). Now it's time to get out of the "friend zone" and seal the deal with some of these guys. We are ready for a high profile commit or three this weekend (If I had to guess, I would say one of the WRs pulls the trigger - maybe Rivals Camp MVP Kelvin Harmon).

If you can get there, do it. Blow out of work early, knock the rust off of your tailgating gear, and then get in the stadium for the game and be loud. A "WE-WANT-SI-MBA" or "RA-SHAN GA-RY"chant or two wouldn't hurt either, in the cases of Mr. Haskins and Mr. Gary.

Have fun Knights!