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Love Rutgers sports? On The Banks needs you!

The most amazing free Rutgers site on the internet needs a new manager. Is it you?

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

I come with news, my Big Ten friends. Our esteemed editor, Kevin, is looking to step down in the near future to focus on other things in his life. We've thankful for all the time he's spent here, but in order for him to leave and deservedly kick his feet up, we need a new manager. Is that person you?

If you love Rutgers sports, writing, and the idea of running your own site, we'd love for you to be the new On The Banks manager. Here's what that person does:

  • Writes multiple articles about Rutgers sports a week
  • Manages a staff of other writers, editing and scheduling their work
  • Running (or delegating) the site Facebook and Twitter account
  • Making sure the site publishes enough to grow
  • Helps make these place become even more awesome
This is typically about a 6-8 hour a week position, and it does come with a small monthly stipend. Previous writing experience isn't required (but it does help!), but a familiarity with social media tools, an understanding for what is news and how to find it, and a self-starter attitude are required.

If you're interested in being our new manager, or just being a regular ol' contributor, please email a writing sample and a resume to, and our SB Nation League Managers will get in touch with you shortly.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!