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Rutgers Facilities: A leak want to do what?

To give the Hale Center over completely to football - a good idea - the leak says they're going to dump on several other sports. Really.

Alright, the proposal doesn't say they're dumping on other sports.  It's just that I think that's the case.  So here's what just came out.

Our friend (ok, he follows me on Twitter) Keith Sargeant released a story about the latest proposal (yes, another leak) on building for athletics.  According to Keith's story:

[an official requesting anonymity] said the concept calls for the men's and women's soccer teams, the men's and women's lacrosse teams and possibly other Olympic sports programs to move into a training center housed underneath the south end zone bleachers at High Point Solutions Stadium

That area was originally supposed to house game day facilities for football.  Those plans got scrapped because there was no money.  So now, a plan that apparently has been pushed by Julie and has Kyle's blessing is under discussion.

Interesting that there's no mention of the soccer and lacrosse coaches giving a thumbs up....yet.

So how good is this plan?  I think it a degree.  Really.

Consider where the soccer teams play and practice.  The Miller Family Field for practice and Yurcak Field for competition.  Exactly how good are those teams going to feel about being even further away from their fields?  And let's add the fact that now they are on the same level as the football field.  Not that they can't climb stairs, but shouldn't we be making life better for them?  Not putting them in the basement a quarter mile from their fields.

For lacrosse, it's fine.  I guess.  Despite my complaining about the men and women lacrosse teams playing in the stadium, my "sources" say the coaches like it.  So, I yield. Although I'm not sure where they practice.  Hmmmm.

But I still say, a new building - with an indoor field for all the field sports - is a better way to go.  Not cheaper, not faster.  Just better, in my humble (although I believe correct) opinion.

I guess a little paint can do wonders....