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Rutgers Basketball: Laurent In; Okoro Out

Eddie Jordan welcomes a new player, while one of the first he landed leaves.

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In the span of a few hours, the make-up of Rutgers basketball changed even more.

Kerwin Okoro, who transferred in from Iowa State after Eddie Jordan took the Rutgers job, announced he would transfer from Rutgers--a mutual decision by both the team and Okoro.  Okoro never played much while at Rutgers, battling a knee injury in his first year.  His claim to fame was garnering national attention when he was denied a waiver to play right away at Rutgers after losing both his brother and father during his season with the Cyclones.  Okoro will be a senior and has only 1 year of eligibility left.  The linked report speculates he may have to drop below Division I to play.

The extra scholarship created by Okoro's departure was filled almost immediately as 6'6" wing Jonathan Laurent committed to Rutgers just hours later.

ESPN says Laurent is a "good and willing passer." He can rebound and make the open shot. His video shows an athlete that can slash to the rim. Laurent has been on Rutgers' radar for a while. Out of Florida, like Corey Sanders, Laurent comes to the same school as football player Jonathan Pollock (whom Andy wrote about today). Much like Greg Schiano's first year, Eddie Jordan seems to be mining Florida for talent.

Now Rutgers has 2 open scholarships, and according to Jerry Carino, they are chasing Pervis Ellison's son (and guard) Malik, scoring JUCO Deshawn Freeman and guard Charles Minlend. Jordan needs talent, and impact for next season. The team needs to put the ball in the basket.

Hopefully, Laurent is a good start.

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