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Rutgers Basketball: Eddie Jordan is About to Graduate

Jordan did it the right way.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday morning, the fantastic Jerry Carino dropped the news Rutgers basketball fans have been waiting nearly two years to hear.

This May, Eddie Jordan will complete his classwork and finally earn his Rutgers degree. Not only is this great PR for Rutgers basketball, but it's also great for the coach.

This tenacity is something Jordan can sell to potential recruits, too.

Education is important, and as a teacher myself, it made me really happy to read this news.  Check out the article for more.  It's a really great read.

Congratulations, Coach!


In other news, Rutgers will have a potential transfer on campus:

Johnson was a back-up guard for Kansas State, but played big in some games against Kansas and other top teams in his conference.

Also, graduate transfer guard Sterling Smith is visiting (or has visited).