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Rutgers Basketball: Rutgers vs. Michigan

Rutgers visits the mitten state looking to snap the skid. 2:15 on BTN

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Rutgers has lost 13 in a row, can't score, and is playing out the string.  Michigan is coming off a heartbreaker of a loss to Northwestern.  Seems like the recipe for the 14th loss in a row, but who knows?  That's why they play the game.


1. Can Eddie get them up to play? It seemed like Rutgers gave it one last burst of energy, trying to win the Maryland game for the seniors.  When that happened, it seemed like the last bit of air left the Scarlet Knights.  But that's on the coach, Rutgers can't come out and get run-over by a similarly offensive challenged team.  Hang in there and give yourself a shot to win at the end.

2. Is this how Kadeem Jack and Myles Mack want to go out? It's unlikely they do.  Mack (who has a wrist injury) and Jack (who has been struggling) can still go out on a high.  They, as always are keys to a win.  There's still time to get one more.

3. Can the freshmen play? Jerry Carino and I agree. So, I'll let him tell you. Listen, for a stretch during the Maryland game Mike Williams was the best Rutgers player on the floor.  And then he didn't see the court again.  Jordan needs to let these kids play through some bumps in the road.

4. What's the deal with facilities? This question just won't die until there's a definitive answer.  But all is not lost.  Today, Keith Sargeant posted a mailbag where he talked a lot about feasibility reports and facility upgrades. And you know what?  Maybe all hope isn't lost.  So, I'll leave you with this:

I've also been told Hermann and Co. have gained traction on their facilities plan since upgrading the RAC became a front-page topic in recent weeks. One Rutgers official told me there's serious momentum to support the men's basketball program for the first time this decade. Whether that speeds up the long-awaited unveiling of the feasibility study is unclear.

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