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Rutgers Athletics Future: Maybe Thursday?


I wrote a "poke-the-bear" Fanpost yesterday wondering when President Barchi would respond to the University Senate's proposal to limit athletic spending, including construction.  The whole critique and attack by the Senate was pretty depressing to those who are hoping that something would get done soon.

But alert reader CHOP was right on top of the issue:

And indeed there is a Board of Governors meeting this Thursday in Newark.  And if you check the agenda, there is, as there always is, Report of the University Senate.  It's item 17 this month. It says of the Senate.  So, does that mean the recommendations and reports of the Senate are presented?  And is there a Q & A to follow, or a response from the BOG or the President?  It makes for great theater.  And CHOP - and even Senator Lesniak - thought so:

So maybe we wait a couple more days to see what happens. Regardless, fireworks are going to be on an agenda somewhere soon.

Also on the BOG agenda, under Matters Presented by the President, is the Physical Master Plan for Newark.  They aren't building any stadiums up there, are they?