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Rutgers Basketball: Maryland 60 Rutgers 50

Rutgers battles, but is just not talented enough.

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Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Myles Mack's parents were late because of the ice storm.

It was that kind of night for the Rutgers basketball team.  One that threw the kitchen sink at the number 9 team in the country and just couldn't get over the hump.  A team that was down 8 at halftime, and Rutgers battled back, just like Myles' parents eventually got to the arena.

Mack hit a rainbow three from Fords to tie the game at 45 and bring the RAC alive with Rutgers fans. But ti was short lived.  On the next possession, Mack took a heat check three from even further south on 287 and missed, and then Dez Wells took over.

The Scarlet Knights' brought it devensively, and senior Kadeem Jack reeled in a personal record 16 rebounds.  But, as usual, the offense just wasn't there.  Too many times, Rutgers wasn't able to corral a rebound on a missed shot, giving a Terrapins a second chance.

However, in the outlook for the future department--D.J. Foreman and Mike Williams really brought the hustle and kept the game from getting away from Rutgers early.  Without those two, it's a blowout for the rest of the game.

In the even deeper into the future department, Steve Politi reminded Senator Lesniak and Robert Barchi to focus on basketball. Lesniak was at the game tonight and was impressed with the fan support he's received.  With the right investment, Lesniak believes the future for Rutgers basketball "has never been brighter."

Rutgers' season isn't quite over yet, as they face Michigan on the road Saturday and then play in the Big Ten Tournament next week.  However, the true work begins if and when Lesniak meets with administration.  This team--this program--can no longer be allowed to die on the vine.  Rutgers needs to learn from its past--distant and recent--to see that not paying attention to basketball can only hurt the university over and over again.

Rutgers brought the effort, but it just wasn't enough tonight.  Now, as this season fades, it's up to Rutgers' administration to make an effort to improve the program.

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