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Rutgers Basketball: Junior Etou to Transfer

Now, seriously, who scores next year?

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

It is a time honored tradition of the Rutgers off-season.  A player transfers.

This time around, it's Junior Etou.

Etou transfers after being Eddie Jordan's first big time recruit when he took the job.  The sophomore was looking to be the top player coming back next year, and a key to the Rutgers offense and defense.  Consistently all year, head coach Eddie Jordan praised Etou's defense as NBA-ready.

However, the year was not without its bumps.  Etou seemed to disappear at times, especially on offense, setting for threes, when his game was clearly best when he went to the basket.  Jordan also left Etou behind when the team traveled to Penn State for disciplinary issues.

Now Junior is gone.

Rutgers has two open scholarships, and two recruits on campus this weekend in guard Charles Minlend, Jr. and wing Jonathan Laurent.  They are still chasing high-scoring forward Deshawn Freeman as well.