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Rutgers Basketball: Thoughts on Senior Night

Rutgers takes on Maryland at 7 pm. Come to the RAC to honor Myles, Kadeem and Malick.

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They were the three seniors who stayed. And tomorrow night, it's time to say thank you.

Myles Mack, Kadeem Jack and Malick Kone suffered through one of the most tumultuous times in Rutgers basketball history, and stuck around.  They were on the team for some of the biggest upsets in recent memory, beating Florida, UConn and most recently Wisconsin--the highest ranked team ever to fall at Rutgers hands.  Mack and Jack have had highlights reels to take home, and Kone will always be remembered for his rainbow three against the Badgers--the turning point of that game.

Tomorrow night, when each is announced and honored, fans should give them long and loud standing ovations.  And, while it's hard to single any of these kids out, but Myles Mack will forever hold a special place in this fan's heart.  The kid battled each and every night, and often came out ahead.

Thank you, seniors.

Other Thoughts:

  • Twelve game losing streak.  If Rutgers loses out, the streak will go to fifteen.  While I wouldn't rule out that happening, tomorrow's game against the Maryland Terrapins will be one where I expect the whole team to throw the kitchen sink.  This is one of those games that could come out of no where, where the future and present combine and give some glimmer of hope going forward.  Think Rutgers' win over Notre Dame back in 2003 when both Jerome Coleman and Calvin Wooten went crazy from three point land.
  • In just two weeks, the Mike Rice era is officially over at Rutgers.  While Greg Lewis will likely still remain, the Scarlet Knights will have ride themselves of just about everything else Rice related.  More on this after the season, but hopefully Jordan will give off some more urgency this off-season.
  • The facility controversy needs to rage on.  This can't go away for people forget as the offseason settles in.  The fans can have a say, and Senator Ray Lesniak tweeted he'll be in attendance tomorrow.  If only the fans could get some sort of chant together... a "We will donate" or "what's the plan?" to continue to send the message that men's hoops has to be upgraded.
  • Stephen Zurich is an unsung player on this team.  A senior walk-on, he deserves a loud ovation as well.
  • Apparently, Eddie Jordan threw the team out of practice Sunday night.  They weren't practicing as hard as they should, and Jordan tossed them.  He wanted them to come back later in the night, but the snow kept that from happening.  That said, in the linked interview, it's the first time in his two years as head coach that Jordan aborted practice.  The man is still trying to send a message late.

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