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So, we were talking about a new arena....

I know Dave, we need the practice facility now. But it can't hurt to keep talking....they might figure we'll shut up if they build the practice facility. Soon!


Way back last July, we had a couple of posts about a new arena vs. renovating the RAC.  Pure speculation, all of it.  It included positing the idea that the area now occupied by the Ferren Parking Deck opposite the train station might be an ideal setting.  Uhhhh, maybe not.

The site they are talking about is the Ferren Deck area.  And the developer, DEVCO and the New Brunswick Parking Authority, have great hope for the site.

But reading the article in the local New Brunswick Today, it seems like this proposal is still very speculative.

"The most obvious sign that this newer project is not yet gaining traction may be that the Ferren mall itself remains standing.

NBPA Board Attorney Leonard Bier said that it wouldn't be until this coming spring, "when we find out whether in fact the [Ferren Mall] building is going down."

Previously, the authority's Executive Director Mitch Karon told the NBPA Board he hoped to begin demolition on the site as early as last summer."

So, while the cost of an arena could be extraordinarily high and the local folks may not be interested (yet), this site is still out there...waiting.  Hey, we might get that practice facility and someday be ready for a new arena.  And the site might still be available.