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Chris Christie's Notre Dame tweet

Who loves ya, baby? If you're from anywhere but New Jersey, it's probably Chris Christie.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

So, the Governor of New Jersey has an official Twitter account.

Official Twitter Account of the 55th Governor of New Jersey. Husband and proud father of four.

The "Official" twitter account.  As in, this is official....from the governor. So, go back a month, just for perspective.  To a retweet by the governor on Feb 12.  Since that point in time, there are 153 tweets or retweets from Chris Christie on his account.  And the vast majority of those tweets have to do with the Governor's budget address, his town hall meetings, snow storms, and the like.  But then, there was one on Saturday that was different:

Wow, the Governor of the State of New Jersey was rooting for Notre Dame.  On his "official" twitter account.

By comparison, Scott Walker of Wisconsin's "official" Twitter account does have a birthday wish for his brother and a Happy Valentine's Day wish for his wife, but not even a good wish for Wisconsin's basketball team in the Big Ten.  His own state university, let alone Notre Dame.  And the Badgers are in the B1G Finals!

Governor Jeb Bush?  Well, except for a late vote on "the dress" (he said white and gold), an anniversary wish to his wife, and a couple about his own birthday, his "official" Twitter account was pretty much all politics.

And, for what it's worth, both expressed sorrow over the military helicopter crash where lives were lost. Even though it didn't involve Florida or Wisconsin servicemen.

Now, about Notre Dame and the ACC Championship.

People can root for whomever they want.

And the Governor has shown that with his long-standing support of the Dallas Cowboys...and now as a #ndparent with his oldest daughter attending Notre Dame. But should the Governor of New Jersey be rooting for Notre Dame on his official Twitter account?  Whatcha think?