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2015 Big Ten Tournament: Minnesota 80, Rutgers 68

Rutgers battles, but the high powered offense of Minnesota was just too much.

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Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Rutgers fought like their season was on the line.

For most of the game, they were in it, leading at times and staying with in striking distance the rest of the way--until there were 12 minutes left.  That's when Joey King and the Minnesota Golden Gophers decided it was time to make some three pointers.  King's three pointers, one after another, were daggers in the hearts of a Rutgers team that was trying to break a 14 game losing streak.

Credit Rutgers frontcourt--Kadeem Jack, D. J. Foreman, Junior Etou and Greg Lewis for keeping Rutgers in the game early.  They were crashing the boards, collecting offensive rebounds and cashing in.  But with few true outside threats, Rutgers couldn't keep up with Minnesota's transition threes.

It also didn't help that Rutgers went 1-6 from the free throw line in the first half.  But, Rutgers did not give up, and Bishop Daniels brought the house down with this:

Ultimately, however, the Gopher's offense was too much for Rutgers. Every time Rutgers battled back, getting as close as 4, Minnesota made a key bucket.

Kadeem Jack, Myles Mack and Bishop Daniels all scored in double digits--Rutgers finally finding the third scorer they looked for all year, but it just wasn't enough.

There's plenty of time for what's next?  And post-mortems and recruiting news over the next few weeks and months.  Rutgers ends the season on a 15 game losing streak, and the feasibility report is still lingering out there.  There will be an off-season of intrigue for sure.

But for now?

Now, the Mike Rice era is officially over.  Greg Lewis is all that remains on this team.  The rest of this team is Eddie Jordan's creation and vision.

Let's take a moment and remind Myles, Kadeem, and Malick Kone--true loyal sons of Rutgers.

Rutgers battled today, but it wasn't enough.  Now, as they always do, our eyes look forward.

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