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Rutgers Basketball: Ohio State 79 Rutgers 60

The possible top NBA draft pick, D'Angelo Russell, drops a triple double on Rutgers.

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It is clear now that the the Mike Rice magnificent seven recruiting class--those that remained, anyway--have given us one last memory in the Wisconsin win, and the rest of the season may just peter out.

The Ohio State Buckeyes--led by stud freshman D'Angelo Russell--had their way with the Rutgers Scarlet Knights and made it look easy.  Russell finished with a triple double, dishing no look passes for dunks, swishing threes, and finding his way to 11 rebounds.  The Buckeyes outhustled, outcoached, and outplayed Rutgers--and it showed.

Meanwhile, the Scarlet Knights found what it needed in third and fourth scorers as Bishop Daniels netted 17 and Junior Etou got himself 12.  DJ Foreman played well too.  But Rutgers' main guys Myles Mack and Kadeem Jack never truly got untracked--mostly due to Ohio State's suffocating defense.  And just when it looked like Rutgers had figured out the Buckeye's man to man D, they switched to zone.  The Scarlet Knights started out the game 0-10 in the first half, while OSU went 6-13.

So, what now?

Going forward, you still want to see Rutgers find some wins.  This season is starting to spiral out of control, and Eddie Jordan can't let it.  The worse things get, the harder it will be for him to recruit--especially when everything else about Rutgers basketball lags behind the rest of the modern world.

But, can things get better next season?

Honestly, yes.  But the players have to live up to what they're recruited to do--and Jordan has to find an impact player somewhere with his last scholarship, regardless of position.  If it's a hot shooting guard, so be it.

Meanwhile, Justin Goode and Ryan Johnson have to be able to hit consistently from three point land.  Mike Williams has to become more efficient at it as well--even though he's been a definite bright spot this season.  Foreman has to be able to finish better, and Daniels needs to improve his control.

And, of course, Corey Sanders.  Assuming Sanders is qualified, he has to be the slashing, shooting, passing stud Rutgers has built him up to be.  If he can get a defense to collapse and find Johnson, Goode, and Williams, Rutgers will be much better.

But for now, this exhausted senior class needs to find one more moment of glory.  Wisconsin may be the best win in team history in terms of ranking, but they weren't deep enough, or-maybe-talented enough to build on it.

Rutgers may have thrown it's best punch three weeks ago, but they need to find one or two more jabs going forward.

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