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De plan, de plan!

Well, here we go. Emails to the President and the Boards of Governors and Trustees. Is it really going to happen or are we just heading for Fantasy Island?

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It was reported yesterday that state senator Ray Lesniak had sent a stern letter of rebuke to University President Robert Barchi.  The issue, of course, was Rutgers' facilities, specifically athletic and, more specifically, basketball.

The senator literally called out Barchi for being small time.  "We're in the Big Ten. We should act like it.''  So far, I like where this is going.

I kinda said the same thing in my post yesterday.  ** pats self on back, continues typing **

The senator wrote that refurbishing the RAC, building a practice facility for all 24 sports, adding some retail and a restaurant could be done for around $30 million. And I wrote:

And he wrote:

Okay.  I'll go along with the plan and excitement because at least somebody - besides our Dave - is yelling about it.  I don't think $30 million is going to do it, but what do I know about spending millions?  But I do know it can get done.  And that's the point he makes in his tweet.  "If you never start you won't finish".

Remember, this is not the first time that Lesniak and Barchi have had issues.  Lesniak wanted Barchi to reject Tim Pernetti's resignation and he wanted Julie Hermann and Barchi both to be removed.  Hey, this is just getting started.

Tim Pernetti had the Michael Graves architectural firm draw up plans, or at least start the process.  And we're now just over two years removed from the release of the renderings of what it was supposed to look like.  I always wondered how realistic those plans were.  And the price tag then was supposed to be around $30 million.  Which is why I question that number being bounced around now.

** cue dream-like music **

Tatoo has run out to the dock and is pointing towards the sky, shouting to Mr. Roarke, "De plane, de plane" as a new flock of guests has arrived to fulfill their wildest dreams.  And we now have Senator Lesniak doing the same.  He has "de plan", and President Barchi, in his impeccable white suit, unflustered, is calmly nodding to the person getting excited about what is to take place. Hmmm. Dreams came true on the Island but there was always a cost and a catch.  Let's see where we go with this.