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Rutgers Basketball: Previewing Purdue

Rutgers travels out to the mid-west for another battle.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

It's not all just facility talk around here, Rutgers still has a bit of a season to play out.

There's a new energy amongst the fanbase, with all the shenanigans going on with politicians and the facility talk, and one tends to wonder if that new verve could translate to the team.

Rutgers looked completely outmatched against Indiana and the losing is definitely wearing on the Scarlet Knights' best players.  Meanwhile, Purdue has been red hot all conference season and look to be back in the NCAA talk again this season.  The Boilermakers did not play well when they visited the RAC, but still managed to beat Rutgers pretty handily a few weeks ago.

So, what does Rutgers have to do for an upset?

Pretty much what they haven't been able to do since the Wisconsin win.

Rutgers needs to shoot the lights out, take care of the ball, and make free throws.  If they do that, their defense has been good enough.

But that's the problem, it doesn't matter right now how good their defense is... because the offense has been non-existent.  They're best bet is to find a surprise player (Mike Williams? Bishop Daniels?) to step up early and take the pressure of Myles Mack.

If that happens, maybe things start to change.

Meanwhile, keep the pressure on RU administration and continue to beg for the support of Senator Ray Lesniak, because a win tomorrow will be nice, a plan going forward will change things.