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Rutgers Basketball: Facilities Update

A few more stories debuted today... people agreeing that Rutgers needs facilities

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Politi got in touch with Senator Ray Lesniak againand the Senator did not back off:

"I certainly stirred the pot," the longtime state senator said, "and I intend to keep stirring."

Politi goes on to say that Rutgers basketball finally has a big name champion. I emailed Lesniak my support today, and you should too. You can contact him here. Finally Rutgers athletics has an ally in office.

Meanwhile, the great Jerry Carino spoke to the last Rutgers basketball coach to make the NCAA Tournament (TWENTY FOUR YEARS AGO).  Bob Wenzel made some great points, but agrees Rutgers basketball needs facility upgrades POSTHASTE.

"The culture is different in different places . . . If Rutgers makes improvements -- and they should -- that would get peoples' attention. It would be a step in the right direction, for sure."

What it appears Wenzel is saying is what I've been saying.  Rutgers needs to change its basketball culture and show it cares.  Right now the people who push recruits this way and that don't believe in Rutgers basketball and that change has to come from administration.  They have to start believing that Rutgers is serious about hoops.

A plan and then, ultimately, breaking ground go miles to change that.

Rutgers fans, judging by Twitter last night, are ready to get behind an idea.  They are ready to donate toward something that will help get this going.  As Politi says, it may not be the big time donors yet, but there is momentum in the right direction.

Is this a watershed moment?  Is this the sea change Rutgers needs to get this going?

More on this as it develops.