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Rutgers Basketball: Indiana 84 Rutgers 54

Another 30 point loss...

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Well, here we are again.

Rutgers ends up on the wrong end of a blow out, and the feeling of hopelessness around the program grows.  The team's two best scorers are graduating, and one wonders how it's going to get better next year.  Meanwhile, Corey Sanders comes with and two shooters are supposed to be available and active on the roster.  It will be a roster of nearly all Eddie Jordan players, and you can hang your hat, and hope, on that.

As for tonight?

The first five minutes passed, and Eddie didn't sit any of his starters.  The effort was there and Rutgers hung tough, leading 16-14.  But immediately following that, the Hoosiers broke out a 9-0, and ended up leading at half by 10.  But Rutgers couldn't capitalize on the worst defense in the Big Ten, and the scoring went away.

Meanwhile, Indiana found their feet as three point shooters and nailed a ton of them in the second half.  Games like this aren't about facilities or effort by administration, but they will hinder recruiting.  You can point to the Wisconsin win as a high point, but you need to be able to back that up with two or three more wins somewhere.

Instead, after the Badger upset, Rutgers rattled off 11 straight losses--their longest streak in at least 27 years--and wins don't look to be waiting for them on the rest of the schedule.

Blowouts happen--and when it's here or there, you can fold them up and put them away.  But it's become consistent, and it feels like Rutgers hasn't been in a game in forever.

Another opportunity awaits Thursday night, but nothing is guaranteed any more.

And that's where we are in 2014-15.

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