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Rutgers Football Recruiting Commit Alert! Kaiwan Lewis

Rutgers positive recruiting momentum continued today, as fifth year South Carolina transfer Kaiwan Lewis pledged to the Scarlet Knights.

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Recruits who have seen a bit of the world, and been involved with other programs, are frequently attracted to Rutgers the second time around, evidence that once all the flash and noise of the recruiting process fades away, Coach Flood is running a solid program.  Flood has found success with a number of fifth year transfers, and recruits previously committed to other programs who learned that all that glitters is not gold, and found a second home at Rutgers when they gained some perspective and perhaps some maturity.  R.J. Dill, Andrew Turzilli, Lew Toler (before his injury), Nick Marsh, Kiy Hester, and Hayden Rettig all fit that profile.  We can also add recent commit Marques Ford to that list, and now, Jersey native Kaiwan Lewis.

The South Jersey native will finish his degree at South Carolina this semester, and will be immediately eligible to use his final year of eligibility on the Banks.  He is a big physical linebacker, and will likely be a huge contributor in stopping the run against punishing B1G teams.  He will compete with Isaiah Johnson to replace Kevin Snyder at the MLB spot.

Lewis came to Rutgers for an official visit this weekend, and it (obviously) went very well. He has also been friends with products of neighboring Timber Creek Quanzell Lambert and Myles Nash for years.  Welcome home Kaiwan!