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Rutgers Basketball: Five Questions for Iowa

The Rutgers Scarlet Knights travel again after a week off to take on the Iowa Hawkeyes.

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Rutgers is coming off a brutal loss to Purdue and a week off.  Iowa returns home after a heartbreaking loss to Northwestern.  Rutgers is looking to get out of the Big Ten basement.  Iowa wants to protect home court.

Thursday at 8 on ESPNU.


1. Will the rest help Rutgers? Rutgers hasn't had a game in a week, and in his Big Ten Conference Call, Eddie Jordan said he gave the team two non-consecutive days off.  That should help the team recover both physically and mentally--especially Myles Mack, who's been logging a ton of minutes.  If they have fresh legs, maybe they can get it going offensively and not come up short on their shooting.

2. Is Iowa going through a bad stretch? Iowa sits at 6-6 in conference and is coming off a tough loss to Northwestern.  But is that a one-off loss or is Iowa going through a streak?  If it's a streak, then they're vulnerable and Rutgers can give them a game if they bring A+ effort.  But if Iowa is looking to get healthy, Rutgers better hit them with a haymaker early.

3. Who will be the third scorer? This has been a question all year.  Against Purdue both Junior Etou and Bishop Daniels stepped up--unfortunately Myles Mack and Kadeem Jack were unable to.  If all four of them have big games, Rutgers can pull the upset.

4. Can this team get a win? Honestly, they need 1... maybe even two to get out of this rut with any sense of promise for the future.  Rutgers has some nice wins, but they can't lose 15 in a row for the rest of the season.

5. Can Rutgers GET A WIN? Yes.  The same question twice.  It's that important.  It doesn't have to come tomorrow--though it'd be nice.  But it has to come soon.  (I'm also out of in game questions.  The bigger questions are coming This off-season.)

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