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Rutgers Basketball: Purdue 71 Rutgers 61

Rutgers falls for the 9th straight time, tying a streak during Fred Hill's final season.

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Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

And so it has come to this.

Rutgers lost tonight--spending most of it looking like it was out of gas.  After two Junior Etou three point shots to start the game, the Scarlet Knights could never really get going, and Purdue seemed to do what it wanted defensively.  Their size and length disrupted Rutgers' offense more than usual--and though Rutgers played hard, they looked flat.

Nothing really fell for the Scarlet Knights early and frustration seemed to play a part.  At one point, Mack missed a wide open lay-up.  Not missed, like it clanked off the rim-and "Oh, that sucks"-but missed the entire basket, net and backboard completely.  And that basically summed up the night for Rutgers.

While Kadeem Jack finished with 16, too often he took the ball, got double teamed and forced up a shot or turned it over.  Free throws did not go down for the entire team, and they looked out of sync.

Meanwhile, Purdue's centers flustered Rutgers all night with easy baskets and drawing enough attention to keep the three point line open.

The Scarlet Knights need to dig deep and find one more win.  The games aren't getting any easier, with Iowa on the road next, but Mack and Jack have suffered through too much to go out this way.  Things are gloomy on the banks again.  Meanwhile, while losing, the Rutgers coach Eddie Jordan continues to handle himself with class--while other programs fall apart from the inside out.

There's still time to get one more--at least slow the losing momentum.  Tonight was a missed opportunity.

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