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Rutgers Basketball: Five Questions for Purdue

Rutgers takes on Purdue at the RAC.

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Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Eddie Jordan needs a win, big time.  The team is in the throes of an 8-game losing streak, and appears out of gas.  Jordan, however, is focusing on the process and - in one of the more telling lines of his postgame press conference -- talked about what a great staff he has and how they're teaching the players basketball.  He talked about how his staff respects their players and wants them go get better.  How the coaches don't scream and yell at the players.

Instead, he said, "You have to learn how to learn."

It is becoming more clear how Eddie is building this program.  He's building it as a teacher.  With class.

Questions for tomorrow.

1. Can this team get a win? This may be the last game on the schedule that Rutgers has a chance in without it being a monumental upset. But Rutgers still needs to put it all together.  The past few weeks, offensively, only bits and pieces of the game has come for Rutgers.  They need to put it all together.

2. Has Kadeem Jack been refocused? Jack sat the last 10 minutes or so of the game against Ohio State, with Jordan saying the team played with more energy with him on the bench.  Jack needs to re-focus again, and focus on dominating.  And by dominating, that doesn't mean trying to score every time he has the ball.  At times he can hit a cutting Junior Etou in the lane with a pass.  He needs to defend and rebound, too.  He needs to be the best player on the floor.

3. Will Jordan get Mack a breather? Mike Williams is back and Bishop Daniels seems to be finding his niche.  If Jordan can get a solid run of three or four minutes a half from these guys -- without Myles Mack on the court -- Rutgers will be much better off.  That said...

4. Mack... Will you be Mack? Myles needs to have a huge game.

5. What kind of crowd will there be? The students are probably done after the OSU showing, so what will the crowd be?  I have no idea if Purdue travels or if there'll be any juice in the building.  Rutgers will have to create their own.

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