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College Football Playoff: How To Watch, Roundtable Predictions, & Links

The college football playoff takes place today, featuring Oklahoma versus Clemson and Alabama versus Michigan State. Who will move on to the national championship game? We make our picks here.

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#1 Clemson v. #4 Oklahoma

How To Watch: ESPN 4 PM

Spread: Oklahoma -4

Scott Logan: I debated over Clemson-Oklahoma for a long time. Clemson is the only undefeated team in football, and yet I've grown accustomed to them losing at least one game a year they have no business losing. Not that they would have "no business" losing to Oklahoma, but that tradition still sits in the back of my mind. Meanwhile Oklahoma lost to Texas this year. Talk about losing a game you have no business losing. That would normally discredit them entirely. But Oklahoma finished its regular season going up against the gauntlet of the Big 12 and they did exactly what they needed to do to propel themselves into the CFP. By dispatching Baylor, TCU and Oklahoma State, I think the Sooners have made themselves perhaps the most dangerous team in college football. Clemson will give them hell, but I'm going Oklahoma. Oklahoma 37, Clemson 34

Griffin Whitmer: I love Clemson, and I think their game against Oklahoma will be a great one. Both teams have great offenses, but Clemson clearly has the better defense. Brent Venables is one of the best defensive coordinators in the country and will find a way to limit Oklahoma. I think Clemson wins in a game where less points are scored than most will think.

Chris Dougherty: Clemson vs Oklahoma - Talk about a classic fist fight. This game is going to live up to all the hype. The high-octane DaShaun Watson, going toe-to-toe with the eccentric Baker Mayfield. This game could easily be 53-48 or it could be 21-19. Regardless of the score, there's going to be some flashy, exciting, sexy football being played between these two teams. Oklahoma 28 Clemson 24

Aaron Breitman: Clemson and Oklahoma should be a fun match-up to watch.  Both teams can be explosive on offense and it could very well turn into a shootout.  Lots of firepower on both sides, but I think the layoff hurts Oklahoma more than Clemson.  The Sooners had a heck of a run through the Big 12 gauntlet, but will they have a letdown after the long break?  Is it possible for an undefeated #1 ranked team to actually be underrated, being 4 point underdogs?  I think Clemson is being underestimated, and the year of Dabo continues.  Clemson 38 Oklahoma 34

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#2 Alabama v. #3 Michigan State

How To Watch: ESPN 8 PM

Spread: Alabama -10

Scott Logan: As for Bama-MSU, my decision came much quicker. Rutgers was very bad this year. Rutgers almost beat Michigan State. So, really, how good can they be? Alabama 27, Michigan State 17

Griffin Whitmer: I think Alabama beats Michigan State, because they are a championship team that is always their best during bowl season. In Alabama vs Clemson, I have to think Alabama wins, but I am going to take Clemson. Clemson's offense is unlike anything Alabama has seen in the SEC and in their game against Michigan State. Clemson's defense should also be able to contain Jake Coker and the streaky Alabama offense.

Chris Dougherty: Alabama vs Michigan State - The opposite of Clemson/Oklahoma, this is going to be your classic WWE Heavyweight championship. Two maulers, just slugging it out, round after round trying to wear down their opponent. The team with the last possession will win this. Look for Derrick Henry to be the focus, but I expect MSU to contain him relatively well. Bama 14, MSU 9

Aaron Breitman: I think Michigan State is toughest team in college football.  They have suffered a litany of injuries this season and have struggled at times, but have rarely failed.  The Nebraska loss was a last second heartbreaker, with controversy on the last play to boot.  Nebraska showed they have improved by whooping UCLA this week. They went into Columbus and took down the defending champs WITHOUT the best quarterback in the Big Ten, senior Connor Cook.  Sparty then gutted out a win against Iowa in the B1G championship, winning with late execution and sheer will.

I watched Alabama lose at home to Ole Miss, they were torched through the air.  I know it was much earlier in the season, but guess who their best win of the season is? Three loss Florida, who has struggled on offense much of the season.  They also beat three loss LSU.  I just think with what Michigan State has fought through, including the wild finish in the Big House, and Connor Cook having a month to get healthy, their perseverance will be the difference. Michigan State 31 Alabama 24

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