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Season's Greetings From On The Banks

We didn't get a White Christmas, but we can still pretend!

Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

On behalf of our entire staff, I wanted to wish all of our readers happy holidays! Whether you celebrate Christmas today, Hanukkah earlier this month, or any other holiday, we hope you have a peaceful, loving, and happy time with your family! I have been fortunate enough to have managed this site since August and it has been a joyful experience.  I am biased, but I think our community of alumni, fans, and supporters are among the best in collegiate athletics.  It is a pleasure to have this forum to communicate with you, share opinions and debate them, alert you of breaking news, discuss the big wins and bitter losses, and most of all, share our mutual love of all things Rutgers.

I am very proud of the work our staff does on this site and I am fortunate to have such an amazing team.  In the spirit of Christmas, here is my wishlist for a gift I could give each of our writers, Rutgers themed of course.

Dave White: A winning season for the men's basketball team.

Andy Egan: Tickets to a major bowl game to watch Rutgers play with his dad.

Bob Cancro (rvc73): A united athletic department and fanbase at Rutgers, that helps move his beloved university into the Big Ten elite.

Ray Ransom: A Big Ten East Division championship for Rutgers Football, so Ray can rub it in to his fellow writers on Off Tackle Empire, after taking a lot of grief from them this past season.

Griffin Whitmer: A season of Rutgers football with sellout crowds and a rowdy student section, one that includes himself!

Scott Logan: Front row tickets and prime television coverage for him and his fellow Riot Squad members on a nationally televised Rutgers postseason game that we win!

Kelly Montagna: Tickets to the women's basketball Final Four to watch Rutgers, with seats next to Carli Lloyd.

Garrett Stepien: A trip to the College Wrestling national championships at Madison Square Garden to cover Rutgers quest for a title.  After working the beat for the Daily Targum during losing football and basketball seasons, I hope Garrett gets to cover a Rutgers team on the brink of a championship.

Chris Dougherty: A top 10 recruiting class for Rutgers Football, with several commitments that he broke the story on, leading Chris to appear on WFAN to discuss with Mike Francesa.

Our Readers: The very best wall to wall coverage our team can possibly provide.  We will continue to strive to do so!

As for me, I already have the best gift I could wish for.  After growing up in the Rutgers community and ultimately becoming an alumnus, years later I now get to write about all the triumphs and heartbreaks involving Rutgers athletics.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and wishing everyone a wonderful day!