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Rutgers Football: Recapping the staff changes so far

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Although the staff is far from complete, Chris Ash has made several hires in his short tenure as head coach. In addition, every coach on the staff has won a championship at some capacity. It is clear that Ash only wants winners in this program. Let's recap.

HC Chris Ash

Where else to start but the man in charge. Obviously he won the national championship with Ohio State last year but also won 3 B1G Championships while at Wisconsin, coaching in 3 consecutive Rose Bowls. No shortage of championship experience here.

ST Vince Okruch

Okruch will have coached at Ohio State for 3 years when he gets to Rutgers. He was part of the National Championship team and went to the Orange Bowl in 2013 and will coach in the Fiesta Bowl this postseason. It only came recently, but Okruch's past 3 years have all been at a championship level and he has a winning history.

OC Drew Mehringer

Technically, Mehringer doesn't have an official national championship ring, but was a par of the 2012 Ohio State team that essentially awarded themselves the national champions with a 12-0 record. Mehringer is still a coach at Houston and will receive a championship ring for winning the AAC title. He is young, but he has coached on teams with records of 12-0, 12-2, and 12-1 (Houston with a bowl game still left to play).

S&C Kenny Parker

Parker has won a national championship at two different schools. He won as an assistant at Florida in 2008 as well as 3 SEC Championships. Of course, he has a national championship ring from Ohio State as well. He joins Mehringer as an owner of the 2012 Ohio State "12-0" championship ring as well as going to the Orange Bowl in 2013 and will coach in the Fiesta Bowl this postseason.

Asst. S&C Gary Beemer

Beemer won a National Championship at Florida in 2008 as a player. He was also an alumni S&C coach at UF in 2011 and 2012. In 2012, the Gators won an SEC Championship and went to Sugar Bowl. I won't talk about who they lost to.

DL Jim Panagos and WRs Anthony Campanile

Although it isn't definite they will remain on the staff, they survived the house cleaning and might be safe. With that being said, both were assistant coaches when Rutgers won a share of the Big East in 2012. It isn't much, but it's a ring.

For more on Ash's new culture, read here.

Once again, it is clear Ash wants winners. He believes that winning experience is needed to create a winning culture at a new place.