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Coaching Search: Money is no longer an issue

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

The one thing seemingly holding Rutgers back from the rest of the B1G was their lack of money spent on athletics. Kyle Flood was paid $1.25 million, good for dead last among full-time head coaches in the conference.

As new Athletic Director Pat Hobbs head the search for Flood's replacement, it seems as if the University is headed into uncharted territories in terms of money. It is clear that in order to get a decent head coach, they would have to pay more than $1.25 million. One might think an appropriate number for a new coach would be around $2.25 million, about a $1 million pay raise.

The figures floating around, though, are absolutely outrageous--and yes, this is a good thing.

First I heard around $2.5 million. Then I heard it could get as high as $3 million. $3,000,000 is enough to shock me, because anyone who has been a follower of Rutgers athletics knows that it would take a lot to fork over that much money for a head coach. But it doesn't stop there.

One source told me that the range they have is between 3 and 4(!!!) million dollars. Yes, $4 million dollars. Given that that figure is the ceiling means they probably won't spend that much, but if the right man answers the phone, that monster deal could very well happen.

To put it in perspective, if Rutgers paid a coach $4 million a year, they would be making over $300k more than Mark D'Antonio, possibly the best coach in the conference.

Sure, we don't have the ability to casually dish out $7 million like Ohio State and Michigan, but if Rutgers make the right move and pays the right coach enough money, this program could turn around very fast.

Hold on tight, Scarlet Faithful, this could be a crazy, yet awesome ride.