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Where did those bracketology guys go?

Remember the coaching extravaganza we held to decide on a new coach? I know, Chris Ash wasn't even on our radar. But there were others who were, and some of them ended up in some good spots. Take a look.

D.J. Durkin will be looking to straighten out the Terps
D.J. Durkin will be looking to straighten out the Terps
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

There were 19 names and we narrowed it down to two.  When all was said and done, who got a thumbs up and who got a thumbs down?

Those who stayed

There were several names we mentioned who ended up going no where: not to Rutgers, not to any other school.  In no particular order:

Pete Lembo, Head Coach, Ball State

John Baxter, Michigan Special Teams Coordinator

Ryan Carty, OC New Hampshire  still there

Matt Canada, OC, NC State, still there

Matt Rhule, Head Coach, Temple

Lance Leipold, Head Coach, Buffalo  He was, apparently, considered for the Iowa State job

Bob Diacco, Head Coach, Connecticut   To read the The UConn Blog, Diacco is the second coming of, uhhh, Randy Edsall?  They are in a bowl.

Joe Moglia, Head Coach, Coastal Carolina

Robb Smith, Defensive Coordinator, Arkansas  Bret Bielma has lost a bunch of coaches over the years, both at Wisconsin and Arkansas.  Robb Smith is not one of them.

Dan Rocco, Head Coach, Richmond  UR is currently in the FCS semi-finals

Pat Narduzzi, Head Coach, Pitt  Preparing his team for Military Bowl vs. Navy

Dave Brock, Head Coach, Delaware

Bobby Wilder, Head Coach, Old Dominion

P.J. Fleck, Head Coach, Western Michigan  The guy a good number of people thought might end up with the Knights, he's preparing his team for the Bahamas Bowl vs Middle Tennessee State

Everett Withers, Head Coach, James Madison  tram fell to Colgate in 2nd round of FCS

Rhule is the one that a lot of people figured would move.  Maybe not to Rutgers, but somewhere.  Apparently he was interviewed by Missouri but declined the opportunity.  He signed a contract extension after turning down inquiries from Missouri.  It may just be a matter of time; after all, Franklin can only blow smoke at PSU for so long.

On a completely different note, trying to figure where Kyle Flood might end up makes you look at Brock and Delaware.  With a million plus waiting for him for staying at home, Flood probably isn't going anywhere too soon. But Brock worked with Flood at Rutgers and there is always the possibility that his friend gives him a call.

Those who got the call

There were a few names that we had who did move on, some pretty close to New Brunswick:

Joe Moorhead, Head Coach, Fordham New gig: OC at Penn State

Willie Fritz, Head Coach, Georgia Southern  New gig: Head Coach, Tulane

D.J. Durkin, Defensive Coordinator, Michigan  New gig: Head coach, Maryland

Matt Campbell, Head Coach, Toledo  New gig: Head coach, Iowa State

Durkin is making a splash with some of his new hires with the Twerps.  He may be the guy we have to fight the hardest with for recruits and respect.

Moorhead didn't get a lot of love in the voting, but I know there are Fordham fans who are very sad to see him go.  A big question will be if he'll have Hackenberg to coach.  Maybe the OC switch will give Hack something to come back for...and someone who will give him some help.