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OTB Roundtable: Greg Schiano Replaces Chris Ash as Ohio State Defensive Coordinator

What just happened? Did Schiano turn heel? Is Urban Meyer an evil genius? Did we get the upperhand on this deal? Our staff ponders what it all means!

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Dave White: I love this.  It gives Rutgers fans a true villain--no more of that TTFP stuff.  Rutgers may not be in shape to beat or stay close to OSU quite yet, but now there is some juice to that game.  What's the line from THE DARK KNIGHT?  "Die a hero or live long enough to become the villain?"  That's what's happening here.  Chris Ash's job just got harder because you know Schiano can waltz into any New Jersey high school and land kids.  And now he's got the Buckeye insignia on his chest?  Watch out, people.  This is what makes college sports fun.  Rutgers fans all just circled 10/1/16 on their calendars.  But the true battle begins on the recruiting front.  Hopefully, Ash can win some battles--and fast."

Scott Logan: This stinks. I am angry, I am sad, I am confused, I am in despair. I'm feeling a lot of feelings, and none of them are good. The man who breathed life back into our football program is now working against us, and in the vacant position of our new coach to boot. Just when things were looking up for Rutgers, Schiano goes and does this. Schiano's a strong defensive mind and, assuming he stays on Urban Meyer's staff for years to come, his defenses will be a huge obstacle to overcome when we face them once a year. I also shudder to think what this means for New Jersey recruiting. We already struggle to keep our best talent home, and now a perennial powerhouse just hired a guy who turned a ton of NJ recruits into NFL players. This just makes Ohio State an even tougher annual opponent, and Rutgers will have to work extra hard to keep its in-state talent from joining our gap-toothed turncoat. I think this says it all:


Aaron Breitman: Ohio State was the same powerhouse yesterday that they are today. Schiano needed a way back into the big leagues and this job turned out to be his best option. It's a smart move on his part, but I have no fear of him taking this job.  First of all, he is looking at this as a steppingstone back to becoming a head coach.  I don't see him being there long term.  But even if he is, Ohio State is going to get top NJ recruits on their own merits, not because of Greg Schiano.  Ash is the coach on the rise, taking Schiano's old job.  Schiano is trying for a comeback and has to take Ash's old job.  If anything, this elevates Rutgers brand because Ohio State took our former coach to replace Ash.  Ash has a chance to elevate the program above the level Schiano took it.  If that happens, Ash will have the better legacy.  Schiano is the guy who made Rutgers respectable and will potentially keep the Ohio State defense elite. Ash MADE Ohio State's defense elite and could make Rutgers GREAT. If it plays out that way then it's Ash > Schiano. I think it will!

Griffin Whitmer: I think some fans are overreacting to this news. They think that Schiano and Meyer will run New Jersey and take over the state recruiting-wise. Newsflash: If Urban Meyer wants a top-5 recruit from NJ, he is going to get him. Urban Meyer doesn't need Greg Schiano's help recruiting NJ. This wasn't a power move to spite Rutgers for hiring Ash. This was simply Ohio State getting the biggest name out there with a big-time resume. Furthermore, it isn't like Schiano is going to make a living out of dominating Rutgers as a defensive coordinator. His ego cost him a head coaching job this cycle, as he had several offers on the table he turned down expecting the Miami job. He is going to use Ohio State as a stepping stone to get a head coaching job next year. Bottom line: Schiano is too power-hungry to make a living as a defensive coordinator. He has his sights on something bigger than Ohio State, so he better do a good job. It is time for Rutgers fans to forget about Schiano as he is clearly done with us. Embrace Chris Ash as our new head coach because it is a new era of Rutgers football!

Bob Cancro: I'm very happy that Greg Schiano now has a job. He will now be able to take care of his family in the future. He'll have instant access into New Jersey schools, but that doesn't automatically mean that the kids will go to Ohio State. As Jay Poole tweeted, Ohio State will still get the top 5 New Jersey kids if they want them. Rutgers has to fight for numbers 6 through 20. And if we got four or five of those that's great. Greg Schiano, Urban Meyer, and whoever else wears scarlet and grey walking around New Jersey schools is not going to instantly get every kid. Chris Ash has to establish his own way of doing things, and I'm sure he will. And I'm sure, also, that he will do just fine in making inroads and creating relationships with New Jersey football coaches.

Chris Dougherty: Rutgers quite possibly has found their first real blood rivalry inside the big ten with the hiring of Schiano by the Buckeyes. This is going to create bad blood for the Scarlet Knights, and even more reason to come into the October 1 showdown will foam pouring from their mouths. Chris Ash might already be dug in knee-deep, but he should now be in up to his shoulders to ensure Rutgers gets the better of this essential swap. The war has been started… #CHOPSchiano