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Inept Rutgers team blown out by Michigan

Are you worried yet, Kyle?

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For the 3rd consecutive week, Rutgers was blown out by a far-superior conference opponent. This loss only further supports the notion that Rutgers can't play with the quality teams in the B1G.


Well, it wasn't Chris Laviano's best game. It wasn't his worst game, since he rarely had time to throw and his receivers weern't open for most of the night. However, he continued to throw the ball at an alarming velocity and rarely put the ball on the money. His interception was a pass that he tried to force to 5-11 Janarion Grant who was double covered. No QB in the country makes that throw and it was a terrible decision. For the THIRD consecutive game, he failed to lead the offense on a scoring drive. Rutgers has played 6 B1G games, Chris Laviano offenses have failed to score a touchdown in 4 of those game.

Where is the defense?

Jake Rudock, by no standards, was having a good year in 2015. He had 6 TDs and 7 INTs entering Saturday. Against Rutgers, he totaled 341 yards and 3 TDs (2 passing, 1 rushing). Rudock had the best game of his career and the Rutgers defense made him look like Nate Sudfeld, or Connor Cook, or Luke Falk, or JT Barrett, or any other QB that has played, and thrashed Rutgers. In the last 4 games, they have surrendered 198 points, that is nearly 50 points per contest. They are bringing back shades of the horrendous 2013 AAC defense. Ugh.

There really isn't anything else to say, for me. This team is a lot worse than anticipated, but I can't say I'm surprised by the result.

What worked


What didn't work

  • Kickoffs (again)
  • The forward pass
  • Joe Rossi's "defense"
  • The secondary
  • The punter :/
  • Kyle Flood's motivation skillz
  • 3rd down offense
  • 3rd down defense
  • Defending Jabrill Peppers
  • Everything Else

Where do we go from here?