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Knight Caps: RU's birthday, the Knight, & the CMA's - all in one place

Our digest goes above and beyond today. The Scarlet Knight on stage with Brad Paisley, along with Rob Gronkowski all in the same place. Oh, and some soccer, too.


Let's get it over with.  We were sooooo close.  But the first B1G title was not to be as the men's soccer team lost at Maryland on Wednesday night, 3-1.  It brought to a crashing end the seven-game win streak and the hopes of picking up the regular season title.  The men will host a first round game this Sunday.  Rutgers is the No. 4 seed in the Big Ten Tournament after posting a 4-4-0 conference record. The Knights will host No. 5 Northwestern in Sunday's quarterfinals. RU defeated the Wildcats, 4-2, on Oct. 16.

On a brighter note.....

And as we continue to play dueling futbol teams.....

Did someone mention ice hockey?

I didn't think so, which is why I'm bringing it up.  No, it isn't a "varsity" sport at Rutgers.  But they are doing pretty well this year as seen here:

This day in history....

This. Princeton. Going down.

1869, Rutgers claims first National Championship, beating PU, 6-4. Stick it, Tigers.

Who knew he was a country music fan?

If you watched the CMA Awards the other night, you were treated to....okay, treat may not be exactly the right word, but it was pretty cool.  The Scarlet Knight - and by the way, he needs a name - was on stage behind Brad Paisley.

This is just cool

It has nothing to do with Rutgers, other than they provide our uniforms.  But this is just a very cool promotion by Nike.  They've edited it down for TV commercials; this id the long form and it's really good.

Rutgers 250

This is the 250th Anniversary year for Rutgers.  The only state university to predate the American Revolution.  The only school in the country that was a colonial college, a land grant college (Go B1G) and a state university.  And, yes, there will be a test on that.

Our moment of Zen

Some people like to tweet.  Some don't.  Some have something to say.  Some should have their keyboard shoved up.....

Whit Babcock is the Virginia Tech AD.  He gets Twitter.  Well done, sir.