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OTB Staff Predictions: Rutgers at Michigan

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Bob Cancro:  I'm going first because I'm....uhh, because I have little to say; Dave will likely have less.  Rutgers will not win.  I hope they are competitive.  As much as coaches say that they don't read the media accounts of their team (which I think is a lie), they can't stop their players from doing that.  And over the past week, it has been ugly in the press and on the boards.  I truly hope that these guys can dig deep and give a good accounting of themselves.  But I don't have faith that a competitive game plan can be developed by the staff.  That's not good.  Michigan is positioning itself for a better bowl game since the B1G title is likely off the table.  That could mean looking for style points.  Michigan 38 Rutgers  7

Dave White: *emerges from room in bathrobe*  *rubs eyes*  *scratches five o'clock shadow*  *realizes basketball starts in a week*  *sees this is a football post*  *sighs*  Michigan 42 Rutgers Apathy

Griffin Whitmer: I do not think Rutgers will score a point. The offense will struggle against Michigan's stout defense. Our kicker is below-average. Our defense is porous and their bad QB will probably have the game of his life because what QB doesn't have the game of their life against Rutgers? I have also been inspired by Dave to predict the score without numbers. Michigan: Pick a Positive Integer, Rutgers: :'(

Aaron Breitman: I am one of the most optimistic Rutgers fans around, but after the past two weeks, along with everything else this season, I have zero confidence in this team.  Laviano has led the Rutgers offense to a grand total of 6 points in games against Penn State, Ohio State and Wisconsin.  The defense has given up 125 points in those games.  Until Rutgers proves they can even be semi-competitive against a good team, I think Michigan will deliver similar results. Michigan 42-0

Ray Ransom: This has been a tough season. I think this weekend will be the lowest point since the week of suspension and disbelief. I don't see Rutgers being competitive against a good Michigan team, especially after last week's dismantling at the hands of Wisconsin. That said, I don't think this Rutgers team has given up. I don't see great execution, but I see fight and drive. I think we'll surprise a few folks by putting points on the board and limiting Michigan until late in the 3rd, when things start to get out of hand. This team isn't as bad as it looks - and we're going to see proof of that coming down the stretch - but this is not a game that Rutgers is likely to win. Michigan 42 Rutgers 17

Chris Dougherty: Michigan is far and away the better football team, and Rutgers has truly reached a damning low point in the Kyle Flood era. With seemingly no hope in sight that either side of the ball will improve, it looks as though the Scarlet Knights are in for yet another blowout loss. Michigan 38, Rutgers 13

Andy Egan: Michigan has a truly elite defense this year. We . . . don't do very well against those, admirable showing against a seriously banged up Sparty squad notwithstanding. I think Rutgers scores double digit points, but doesn't get there until garbage time. Michigan's offense is certainly not Ohio State (it's not even Indiana) but it's likely good enough, with a solid run game and just enough aerial offense to abuse our secondary like everyone with a pulse has. Unfortunately, I think this one ends up another ugly loss. PROVE ME WRONG KNIGHTS. Blue Team 34, Red Team 13.

Bonus Rutgers Misery Haiku:

Carroo makes O go
Not enough, Big House Failure
Cant Stop Anyone.

Scott Logan: Michigan's last two games have been a crushing loss to Michigan State and a near-loss to Minnesota. While some teams might be able to take advantage of the Wolverines' issues that made those games so close, Rutgers has proven to be anything but opportunistic this year. On the road, in one of the most hostile environments in college football, with a team playing with a slight chip on its shoulder and a crazy person as head coach. This is a recipe for disaster. Rutgers will need to flip the script on everything they've done wrong this season and what Michigan has done right. Carroo or no Carroo, I can't see Rutgers pulling off the upset. Michigan 48, Rutgers 21