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Who is Rutgers' next coach: the battle continues, Part 2

As we said earlier today, we need to have a name to give to Julie. The people - you and me - need to be prepared to name the next coach. Why trust anyone else but us? And we have two more names for you to consider.

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The first coach-in, Michigan's Joe Baxter vs. Ball State's Pete Lembo, is still going on.  But we have a second matchup in our search for a new Rutgers coach.  We are using the highly unscientific and totally random - yet entertainingly useful - bracketology.   Why you ask?  You got a better way?  Who do you trust more?  Us, taking a vote among committed (and possibly committable) fans or the Rutgers administration?

I thought so.

As we explained in the first post, these are not really seeded or prioritized; it is a process.  Trust me. And here is today's pairing:

Play-in No. 2

Ryan Carty, New Hampshire, Offensive Coordinator

Carty....Carty.  I've heard that name before.  His father, Kevin, coached football in New Jersey, as an assistant at both Don Bosco and later at Rutgers for six years in the 1980's.  His brother Kevin is the head coach at Hillsborough HS.  And brother Sean played for Rutgers.

He's young, only 31.  But this is the same place (and same job) that spawned Chip Kelly.  He has worked his way up the ladder at UNH, and is the third internal promotion to OC since Kelly left.

Ryan Carty is in his ninth season on the UNH coaching staff, and the 2015 campaign marks his fourth year as the offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach. The 2014 Wildcats ranked second in the CAA in scoring offense (36.0 points/game), third in rushing offense (169.5 yards/game), and third in passing offense (269.0 yards/game).  In his first three years, his offenses were in the top three in the CAA.   A 2007 graduate from the University of Delaware, Carty recruits the northern portion of his home state of New Jersey,

For more on Carty, check here

Joe Moorhead, Fordham, Head Coach

Who?  Why?  He's a Fordham grad, he's 41 and owns a 43-13 record (7-2 in 2015) at his Alma Mater, now in his fourth season.  He has eastern roots, coming from the Pittsburgh area.  He also was the OC and QB coach at UConn.  He led the Rams to their best season in school history in just his second year in 2013 and the Patriot League title in his third season in 2014.  That season, the Rams went undefeated in league play and won the school's third Patriot League title, the first since 2007, advanced to the NCAA FCS Championship and won a first round game for the second consecutive year.  For his accomplishments, Moorhead was named the 2013 Patriot League Coach of the Year, the 2013 AFCA Regional Co-Coach of the Year and a finalist for both the Eddie Robinson Award as the NCAA FCS national Coach of the Year and the Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year Award.

For more on Moorhead, check here

Vote your preference, but don't forget to tell us about choices in the comments.

Tomorrow: Matt Canada vs. Willie Fritz