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Rutgers' Next Coach: We report, you decide

We need to have a name to give to Julie. The people - you and me - need to be prepared to name the next coach. Why trust anyone else but us?

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Here's how I figure it.  We either have 23 days left in the Kyle Flood era at Rutgers, or we have 387 days left.  Either way, it comes the day after the Maryland game.  2015 or 2016.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post saying that an AD has to have a short list of football coaches handy.  And I hoped, and I actually believe, that Julie has just such a list.  But in case she doesn't, I thought it would be a good idea to get one together.  And we'll do that with your help.  The process?


Yes, bracketology, the solution to all of life's decisions.

With all due respect to Dan Wolken, we are going to have the biggest coach search committee ever.  Every other day or so, we'll be posting two, maybe three, names.  You vote.  At the end of the round, we reseed the winners and go into round two. In a few weeks, we'll have our coach.  You're welcome, Julie.

Some of these names are on everyone's list.  Some are out there. or are dark horses.  Some we may have no shot at, others are right in RU's wheelhouse.  If you have an idea, send it my way.

Let's kick it off.  These are not really seeded or prioritized; not exactly.  In fact, it's a bit random.  Which really isn't that far off how Rutgers has chosen football coaches in the past.

We do have a few play-in (or coach-in) rounds.

Play-in No. 1

John Baxter, Michigan Special Teams Coordinator

Baxter is 52, which may be too old for some.   This is his first year at Michigan.  He has been an associate head coach at two fairly prominent places: Fresno State and USC.  His work has been extensive with receivers and, more recently, special teams.  He has coached under Jim Harbaugh, Ed Orgeron, Lane Kiffin, and Pat Hill (Fresno).  According to his Michigan bio, he is:

"known nationally for producing extremely-productive special teams play on the field and developing academic success for players off the field, comes to Ann Arbor after spending four years at the University of Southern California (2010-13) as the program's associate head coach and special teams coordinator."

And in a salute to the academic side, something that right now Rutgers certainly could embrace, Baxter is a strong advocate of developing players in all areas.  Again from the Michigan bio:

"Along with his coaching duties at Fresno State, Baxter developed the highly-successful and nationally-regarded program, "Academic Gameplan." His innovative and comprehensive study-skills program teaches students the rules, fundamentals, techniques and life skills needed to succeed in the classroom."

For more on Baxter, check here

Pete Lembo, Ball State, Head coach

Lembo is only 45.  His name has been bandied around for years, as Ball State - and before that Elon and Lehigh - steadily developed and maintained a successful standard.  He's a Georgetown grad, which should attract Bob Barchi's interest.  He was 44-14 at Lehigh (eastern connection, along with the fact that he was born on Staten Island), 35-22 at Elon, and 21-11 at BSU before this season (3-6).  And here's an interesting tidbit: Lembo was selected to the American Football Coaches Association Ethics Committee last year.  Hmmmm.  For more on Lembo, check here

Besides voting your preference, don't forget to yell and scream about choices in the comments.

Later today: Joe Moorhead vs. Ryan Carty